Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas, Tips and INSPIRATION!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸WANNA MAKE MY DAY? SUBSCRIBE! (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ Christmas Decorations by San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson shares her personal Christmas Decorating tips Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you into her own home for an inspiring look at Christmas at the Robeson’s. The film shows you booth her past and present Christmas Decorating. This video is the Introduction to this video series of 4 videos where Rebecca walks you through the steps behind the magic! The song is Joy to the world by Vinny Falcone… purchased from Premium beats.. a “Royalty Free” website. #1 Christmas Interior Decorating Part 1….. Ideas, Tips and INSPIRATION! #2. Interior Designer’s Christmas Tree decorating tips #3. How to decorate the staircase for Christmas #4. Christmas Decorating Part 4 Fireplace Mantle and Table Settings #5. Christmas Decorating Part 5 adding the sparkle! #6. Christmas … The True Joy … by Interior Design Guru #7. How To Wrap a Gift or Christmas Present #8. How To Make a BOW for Christmas Gift #9. How to set the table …which side does the Fork go on? #10. How to Set a beautiful Table for Fabulous Entertaining! #11. How to set a Beautiful Table for Fabulous Entertaining… bonus tips #12. How to give a GIFT www A pilot of a Minecraft tips and tricks show. I’ll show you how to design better houses, how to detail the ones you’ve already got and how to make your world more interesting. Basically, how to not suck. Be sure to ask questions in the comments! Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod Theme: “Danse Macabre – Low Strings Finale”
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50 Comments for “Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas, Tips and INSPIRATION!”

  1. Hjjelloinks

    Wats ur dog name

  2. TheMsBeautifulXOXO

    Thank you for the tips…LOVE THEM

  3. gigi2mado

    Ur white fluffy dog looks exactly like my gigigirl that just passed away. She was a lhasa poo. Solid apricot white all over. U have good taste in dogs my dear. Lol

  4. gigi2mado

    Ur decor of marine inspired colors or coastal colors are simply beautiful and an elegance that is understated yet rich and full! I love it! U are so intelligent! I am taking all ur ideas and incorporating them into my living room! I love the throbbing twinkle lights u wrap around the inside pole of the tree! Luminous! I love the inner ornaments! U see through the tree and it. Goes on forever! Absolutely flawless!

  5. Angelbeautybabe

    I have been inspired to get prepping early this year. Your videos are a big help thank you xx

  6. ZenShaw

    You are so very creative! I love all of what you do.

  7. Jesusmy Savior

    Wise Men Still Seek Him…………I love it!

  8. TheFashionPeople101

    Oh my CHRISTMAS!! Your dog is soooo adorable. I want to pet it sooo much.

  9. Angelique Torre

    It still surprise me, just how lot of people don’t know about Flowerolign Training (do a google search), although lots of people learn how to design flower easily with this tutorial. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Flowerolign Training, I can find a complete online flower design resource.

  10. vitamineez

    Thank You Rebecca. 😉

  11. robesondesignstudios

    Hi @vitamineez , Im afraid its been years since I bought that peacock! I purchased it from a floral supple store. I absolutely love it too! In fact, I just finished decorating my home for Christmas 2012. I used the peacock on my staircase this year 🙂 Keep an eye out for the new videos coming throughout November… first video will be up this week! RR

  12. Marianne Hekkers

    Ms Robeson, you are truly amazing. I love your video’s about roomdesign, but the christmas decorating videos are my absolute favourites.
    I’ve learned so much from watching you’re home, and you explain so clearly, thank you.
    I’ve created an youtube account just so I could subscribe to your channel. Lots of love…..

  13. vitamineez

    Rebecca, Please share with me where you purchased the peacock @1:40 Thank You so much for your insperational videos I love them so much. Thank You Rebecca.

  14. AndresM689

    muy buena decoracion

  15. victorialex

    Very helpful!!!

  16. victorialex

    Nice video!!!

  17. victoria tolly

    hi from the UK! love all your video’s! wondering if you could give me a tip on how to attatch things to the walls or maybe ceiling without leaving big holes?

  18. vicaliarr

    Can you do a video on decorating a kitchen for christmas?

  19. Naznazi89xxx

    Hi Robeson! can you plz tell me where i can get the peacock you have on this video? thx ;D

  20. Jessica77080

    You should do an update this year of what you choose for your color scheme this year!!!

  21. Nisha D

    very inspiring……….

  22. Nisha D

    excellent ideas!!!!!!!

  23. Bernard McDavid



  24. robesondesign

    awee… Thank you so much. I’m really excited about #100… We had an emergency with my video editor last week but its been resolved and I hope to have #100 up by the weekend! Thanks for keeping an eye out! I appreciate the awesome support! RR

  25. schleichhorselover1

    sometimes christmas isnt the best time of year when your grampa died on the 25 th of December ;(

  26. TheAPPC

    I love the tessalations in the roof I gotta try that for my self and the towel rack also the crafting tables up top. I am currently building an extensive underwater mansion. Have you got any hints for me? I am also planning an under lava mansion to build after.

  27. FirstDownProductions

    I agree there are more people not playing Minecraft than people who do, but I disagree with all people playing Minecraft are geeks a/o nerds. For example; CaptainSparklez isn’t a geek, or is Minecraft’s Finest. I only named a few people of millions who might not be geeks, including me. I am no geek. Although if you are only calling the guy you were chatting with a lil’ while back a nerd, then settle it yourselves. I am saying though that not all gamers are nerds. Mr. Abadeer ate the fries. 😛


    XD annnnd a meth lab.. U sir have a new subscriber!!

  29. DanePlaysGames

    what mods do you use?

  30. tadam25

    But your argument is pointless because what you are trying to argue can be said about any group of people. I’m not saying your wrong but it is pointless to single out something that is apart of a much larger community and then call people who enjoy it geeks and nerds. Also, everyone can be considered a nerd or a geek of something but those two words are commonly associated with not having good social skills, if you had said they are enthusiasts, then I wouldn’t of commented

  31. SiliconCactus

    Oh, you can’t actually give any evidence that the majority of people are people who play Minecraft, so you’re telling me to get out. Great.

    Yeah, no. I’ll put this is simple words so that you can understand it:

    I am not arguing that Minecraft is not played by millions of people.
    I am not arguing that it is not played by most gamers.
    I am arguing that Minecraft players are the minority of people. Unless Minecraft has more players than half the world, they are still the minority.

  32. SiliconCactus

    The people in the world who play Minecraft is a smaller number than the people in the world who don’t. Unless 3.8 billion people play Minecraft, the majority of people don’t play Minecraft. The people who don’t play Minecraft are the majority and therefore not the geeks. The minority of people is people who play Minecraft. They are the geeks and they are the minority. Bag it and tag it.

  33. SiliconCactus

    It doesn’t matter. The statement I’m arguing against is that people who don’t play Minecraft are nerds.

    It is wrong and I proved it with with ratios. I’m not arguing anything else.

  34. Liam Edwards


  35. boris angelov

    if you like building you can go check out karelises channel hes a good builder of modern houses

  36. CheatsForGame

    are your buliding a glass house ! ? xD LOL

  37. EncwiHero

    >how not to suck at minecraft
    >uses whole glass blocks as windows instead of glass panes

  38. Georgea Guenole

    i ALWAYS use Checkered Floor :3
    Thank You!!!

  39. SpyChicken720

    also one last stupid ratio for you. The city of Los Angeles has over 12 million people living in it. If you took it’s entire population and replaced it with all the people in the world who play minecraft, you would end up with a few million extra in the city. I’ve been to L.A. It is a huge city. That is a pretty impressive number if you ask me. You can fill a city that big with all the people that play one game? now that’s a ratio.

  40. SpyChicken720

    So if all of that was too long let me sum it up for you, get out and take your ratios with you. Good day sir. 🙂

  41. SpyChicken720

    Over 5 million people and counting have bought the game for xbox 360. So if you want to go ratios here, I think I just beat you at your own game. And if you want to compare all of this to a popular game, Call of Duty modern warfare 3 only sold 4 million units total in 3 years. compare that to minecraft and cod kinda looks like a piece of shit. I don’t believe in any of this ratio bullshit though because despite how many people like or don’t like the game, I like it. That’s all I care about.

  42. SpyChicken720

    So that would mean that if we assume that most if not all people who play games on the computer use steam, then about 1/5 people in that group play minecraft. 1 out of five people in the world who play video games on the computer play minecraft. Your ratio doesn’t matter because most people in the world can’t even afford a computer. also I didn’t mention that those 10 million are only the people that bought the game for pc or mac.

  43. SpyChicken720

    Part one of my posts. As he said, fuck ratios. But if you want to play that game, then fine. its safe to say that most if not all people who pc game use steam since you can get great deals and its easier then going to a store. So taking that into account, Steam has as of december 2012 54 million accounts registered. 9.5 million people have bought Minecraft (this isnt counting the people who didn’t “buy” it but still play it). (continued)

  44. Kaiwolf101isBACK

    what happen to the pig?!

  45. MissLittleJackie

    I’ve never built a wooden house before


    clever house

  47. CatchMyKn1fe

    What was the name of this mod pack?

  48. King Robbo

    Stop asking him to build things hes stop the series a year ago

  49. 00Sethiboy00

    XD that house sucks

  50. tadam25

    Yes but if you single out any game the number of people that play that specific game will be a minority. People who play games, play games they all play more than one and if you total the amount of people that play video games the number will not be in the minorities, the NDP Group estimated that 70% of the people in the world play video games, and since that’s based on sales the number I feel would be closer to 55% or more considering family relatives buy games for their children/grandchildren

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