DIY Decorative Wall

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In this Vlog I’m sharing with you a home decor idea I have. Also a small grocery haul and makeup bag storage, a surprise gift from hubby. I’m so happy you all are loving the vlogs so much! 🙂 NEW Vlog Channel! To keep up with all of my Vlogs, visit the Vlog Playlist: OTHER PLACES TO CONNECT WITH ME ~ My Blog – for OOTD, Nails, Recipes and New Product info: Tweet Me Like Me on Facebook: Follow Me on Instagram: MissCrysM Follow Me on Pinterest: See What I’m Reading on Goodreads: MissCrysM —————————————- **My Go-To Brushes** February Discount Code – save 10% with code BASE2013 & get a FREE GIFT when you spend or more! —————————————- EBATES ~ How I earn CASH BACK & Discounts for online shopping! FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video. All opinions are my own.

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50 Comments for “DIY Decorative Wall”

  1. Diana Gavrilchik

    Yes on accent wall video

  2. FashionWithPameala

    in australia my land lord doesn’t let you do anything like this, do you have any ideas? and if you do please make videos <3333 i begg you 😀

  3. Michelle De Leon

    Oops I mean windows! Not walls LOL

  4. Michelle De Leon

    Your floor to ceiling walls are a dream! You should totally do an accent room tutorial and maybe an office tour in the future? :D

  5. JaaackJack

    Your makeup looks amazing! You looks so tan and gorgeous! :D <3

  6. fashionxxforever

    I know this comment has nothing to do with the video but I’m a Muslim girl who is trying to grow and get noticed to. So here I am, just a girl who loves fashion and makeup and wants to be noticed. I post videos now every Wednesdays and Saturdays. So if YOU reading this wouldn’t mind just checking out my channel, it would mean a lot. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. 🙂

  7. yoyoskyblue

    Evelina, I really love your channels! You are so creative and incredibly inspirational! Thank you for your videos! Please continue to do more videos related to home decore, the accent wall video and all that really good stuff you do! 😀 Thank you again for turning our creative spirit on!

  8. Maggie Lui


  9. ashley mankey

    Please make more health videos!?!?!?! 🙂

  10. K Marie

    Iran Evelina

  11. K Marie

    I love you evalina your so creative!!

  12. liz ramos

    luv!luv!luv! Can you do a video on stenciling a wall?

  13. SuperLover501

    woo im so jealoous of u hehe i dun even hv my own room now, can’t do much 🙁

  14. Clarice Taibi

    Yes, do a tutorial on an accent wall please

  15. samanthajadexox

    love this video! i am getting my own place this summer so i am definitely going to try this out ! (:

  16. dreamdesignmom

    Love the color! What color is that?

  17. Cheyenne Tucker

    Yours so gorgeous. Fgsffdtjksl

  18. TheLamiStyle

    Love love love looooooooveee!! 🙂

  19. RukhiSarah13

    Is it possible for you to do a makeup tutorial? 🙂 On one of your channels? 😀

  20. elliemoon643

    love your home decor&… videos 🙂

  21. LivvveLovvveLauuugh

    I <3 your videos

  22. m3omju

    Hi Evelina, i really love this tutorial and i’m going to try in the next few weeks in my bedroom. Btw, can you please please do a tutorial on how to paint an ombre wall.

  23. Liuba Toma

    where are you from?

  24. CupCakEx0X0x

    this is really beautiful and easy i loved it

  25. ASheepWithAShepherd

    Please have a look at my channel for Christian poetry videos and other cool stuff 🙂 God bless!

  26. obxNicole

    My wine of choice is also Pinot Noir. I really do like Pinot Grigio in the summer especially when we have seafood or grill.

  27. barbr100

    I agree with you about the Costco cotton pads. I decided to “invest” in the Shiseido which are like little clouds.

  28. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you! 🙂

  29. MissCrystalMakeup

    I have the premium from CVS as well. They only had the larger size though, so I’ve had to cut them into four pieces, lol. They are nice though. 🙂

  30. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thanks Kim! 🙂

  31. Kimber41764

    What a nice valentine treat!! Always love seeing what you are doing and getting in your vlog videos!! HUGS Kim

  32. oceansblue08

    I almost got those cotton rounds from Costco! For the same reason, everyone raves about them. I have been using the premium cotton squares from cvs and I really like those. The shiseido ones have a good reputation but pricey. Take care.

  33. Kirsten Son

    Oops! I keep sending my comments too early. Just meant to say hope you have a great week! –Kirsten

  34. Kirsten Son

    Hi Crystal! Fun vlog! That heart charm is so pretty – surprise presents are the best! I almost bought one of those makeup bags at Target last week. If they’re still there the next time I go, I might have to break down and buy one. Hope you

  35. danadcan1972

    It’s really easy. The rice just cooks while you prepare the other food. I like that the rice doesn’t get mushy.I make a batch that lasts me a couple of days. It keeps well in the frig. I think it’s worth the $20 investment.

  36. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you. I hear so many good things about those. I’ll probably break down at some point and splurge. 🙂

  37. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to show them if I switch them out. 🙂

  38. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you, I’m taking them back for sure. 

  39. MissCrystalMakeup

    Aw, sorry you were sick. I actually got sick later that day as well so no nice dinner. I had oatmeal, lol. So glad to hear the cleaning schedule is working for you!

  40. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you! Boy, I can be random that’s for sure. It keeps it interesting I guess. 🙂

  41. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thanks Linda! I agree about the vlogs. That’s the main reason I started them. I feel you only see one side of me with beauty videos and I have a lot more to talk about than that, lol! 😉

  42. MissCrystalMakeup

    I hope you like the chicken sausage. I think I burnt myself out on them, lol.

  43. MissCrystalMakeup

    No, I haven’t yet. Didn’t want to make the trip just for that. I will though. Already tired of seeing them sitting there, lol. xo

  44. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you 🙂

  45. MissCrystalMakeup

    Thank you! It seems everyone agrees that they would look nice so I’ll probably switch them out soon. 🙂

  46. MissCrystalMakeup

    Hi, I’ve thought about that but wasn’t sure it was worth it. I usually do the boil bag of brown rice and it’s pretty easy.

  47. MissCrystalMakeup

    Oh thank you and welcome! 🙂

  48. MissCrystalMakeup

    Hi, thank you! I’ve seen the makeup bags on the Target website although I’m not sure they are the discounted price. 

  49. MissCrystalMakeup

    It’s from an online company called Day Spring. 

  50. MissCrystalMakeup

    Hi and thank you! I’ll address the house tour question in the next video. I get the question a lot so I did a Q&A video. 🙂

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