How to Interior Design a Bedroom 3 looks Complete bedroom makeover! How to design a room with only paint. Modern interior design Ideas.How to design a Cool room. How to create ideas modern contemporary design. Living room bedroom or master bedroom.Painting with stencils and overhead projector. How to paint a mural. randall93

Interior Design For all who have missed the “Old RD videos” Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you on a walkthrough of an Interior Design project she’s been working on for 18 months. With just 5 days left before Rebecca and team begin the final phase of the project, she walks you through the home and explains the construction and finishes used to crate a Dream Home for Southern California clients. Stay tuned for floor 2 coming up soon ­čÖé If YOU are interested in contacting Rebecca for more information on how you can become a Robeson Design client, contact us at Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: If YOU would like to win a free bedroom design … just Link to the Introduction to Makeover Mondays: Link to the “How to Enter” Makeover Mondays video: MacBarbies NEW Room Tour MayBabyTumblers Room Tour My Daughter Sharrah’s Bedroom and Closet: Watch more episodes of Makeover Mondays starting with #1: Watch more Makeover Mondays videos ­čÖé #1: #2: #3: #4. #5: #6: #7: #8: #9: #10: #11: #12: #13: #14: #15:
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48 Comments for “How to Interior Design a Bedroom 3 looks”

  1. Princesskeena Fernandez

    woaw! thats cool!!! i like it.. thanks for the tip.. but projector is to expensive´╗┐ :'( humph..

  2. Venisha Chandramudy

    i love it, i will definitely try this ­čÖé thanks for sharing your´╗┐ ideas ­čÖé

  3. barrybrown61

    goodness gracious! OMG artwork.. looks quite expensive.. ´╗┐

  4. ihategingerhoes

    dude your so talented´╗┐

  5. duc tu

    The third one is cool´╗┐

  6. luvedones1

    this is really cool ,,, i like the second one over´╗┐ the headboard circles.

  7. whitenight144

    i know your son briggs

  8. 3mera1ds

    So´╗┐ cool!

  9. BanazirGalpsi1968

    the circle cloud is sorta orphaned. it needs aditional elements.´╗┐ the other two designs are great.

  10. Anna Grace

    loooved the first´╗┐ look!

  11. MsAmericangirl100

    number 3

  12. MsMyrtletree

    that is so´╗┐ COOL!!!!!

  13. celestemtz8A


  14. Nancy John

    Nice post about interior design it is very cool to apply´╗┐ at home

  15. MySillyKitty

    i love´╗┐ the first design <3

  16. randomlyawesome21


  17. Doraebube

    I´╗┐ wish U are in Nigeria!!! U will make so much money doing this! wow! i love the 3rd design most, no no, the second one, em… the first one! i give up! they are all beautiful! thanks

  18. Fame Pwint

    It’s amazing and fantastic.Show me how to´╗┐ design the other rooms. Thx

  19. vodahoe

    very nice, thank´╗┐ you for sharing much appreciated xox

  20. amistosa212

    omg….your work is amazing,´╗┐ wonderful and good. I am in love with your techniques.

  21. HappiChan

    Amazing , For´╗┐ sure i will do this to my room

  22. cassiopex

    You’re genius!! Good ideas and great execution… Wish all´╗┐ paint professional would be as creative as you….

  23. bebegraceey

    hi what was the paint´╗┐ color u used for the room? the brown one?

  24. Sna ggar

    For Mural Iron Man, are´╗┐ you still using the projector technique (Transparency Paper), ELMO ?

  25. Tamara Jeanbaptiste

    hi´╗┐ i love the last design and I have the same type of furniture color. What color paint was that and also what type of projector did u use

  26. Andrew Bailey

    to dark and design is bad sorry, i design houses and my clients would not be happy with this design´╗┐

  27. Bubba Jones

    Cant wait to´╗┐ see!!!

  28. NVenaReaction

    the´╗┐ wind sound…duhhh

  29. 85mugs

    Hi Rebecca!!
    Can I just say that you are a blessing to mankind???? There are so many people out there who just don’t have the eye and vision that you´╗┐ do. Thanks to all the videos that you put up on youtube we are all able to get great tips and look at beautifully designed homes.

    Thanks a lot for doing such great work and letting everyone watch it and learn from it.

  30. Christie Patterson

    This house is just´╗┐ beautiful!

  31. katerina lenia

    you´╗┐ are the entertainment! love you!

  32. bauhaus2ratm

    you do amazing work Rebecca, I just found you this past weekend and it was Rebecca´╗┐ Day last Saturday ­čÖé I watched you all day long on YouTube. Can’t wait to see more new things from you soon. Thanks putting these things on YouTube for everyone to see.

  33. Tami Cummins

    Who wouldn’t LOVE this!? It is so beautiful! LOVE. . LOVE.´╗┐ .LOVE.

  34. Hippy kisser

    I am´╗┐ obsessed with you videos

  35. Rachel E

    That is the most beautiful house I have ever seen, even without furniture.´╗┐

  36. Courtney Barnett


  37. Laurren Janesen

    type kookooloop in the search bar if you like designing!!! then click on the dreamdesigns05 thing.´╗┐ HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

  38. Lotte Tran├Şy

    Nowmcflybrazil: me´╗┐ too! ­čśÇ

  39. Honey2600

    ive never seen anything like this before in my life´╗┐ HOLY AMAZING

  40. nowmcflybrazil

    you made me like interior design!´╗┐

  41. Kristina R

    The tumbled stone look´╗┐ loved it! Amazing house…I wish I had that…But amazing anyways!

  42. Laraib Asif

    how´╗┐ much did this project cost you roughly?

  43. Mateja B

    I can not wait to see more…´╗┐

  44. bongbongbay

    So beautiful, modern and´╗┐ cool! I seriously don’t know why you still haven’t had a show on HGTV yet.

  45. Lauryn Stennes

    I´╗┐ love how you designed ever aspect of this house!

  46. TheDominiquejim

    i love love love double doors. when i get my own home i’m going to have double doors.´╗┐

  47. TheDominiquejim

    you have such great ideas´╗┐ i honestly love your work.

  48. Simona Cosma

    This house is full of´╗┐ surprises that’s why i loooooove it

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