Minecraft Tutorial: How To Build A House Part 7 (Interior Room Design)

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25 Comments for “Minecraft Tutorial: How To Build A House Part 7 (Interior Room Design)”

  1. Durdenms

    This guy is awesome. Subscribed. Love listening to to you talk too ­čÖé hope the´╗┐ health is ok.

  2. Kate Tomsett

    I’m sorry for asking, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but scar why were you in hospital´╗┐ and how long for?

  3. enoch wei

    keep the ceiling´╗┐ cobblestone

  4. ro aleman

    You give a´╗┐ download link

  5. Aiden Gober

    I love you and your videos´╗┐

  6. stillcovalent

    Great work on the house! Wish you´╗┐ good health!

  7. Queen Pencil


  8. Queen Pencil

    Scar you’re so a,ax´╗┐

  9. MyKnifeUrLife

    I just wanted to say I’m personally not aware how why you have to see the Dr, but my mother has been in´╗┐ and out of the neuro since i was 12 and i respect you being able to do these videos and deal with what you are, keep it up! My new favorite youtube Minecrafter!

  10. Sydney Wilkinson

    Cobble stone´╗┐

  11. CallingAcrossTheVoid

    I think´╗┐ you shud live it in cublstone .

  12. Zaina Saleem

    its so nice I build it´╗┐ too nice ­čÖé

  13. Pop Tart

    scar, i wish i could do stuff the way you did. Your´╗┐ minecraft world is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  14. Sahil Arman

    i´╗┐ love the house

  15. RandumbTube

    It´╗┐ looks good the way it is

  16. RandumbTube

    leave the roof alone

  17. brooklynfishman1


  18. brooklynfishman1

    your awesome! cool house´╗┐

  19. Ashley Johnson

    you should have´╗┐ made a secret room

  20. xKumaximumx

    Scar is king of´╗┐ MineCraft

  21. xKumaximumx

    I wish YouTube would let us like a´╗┐ someone’s video as much as you want

  22. Derik LeMay

    you´╗┐ are just so funny sometimes

  23. Christina Malsbury

    Definitely cobblestone´╗┐

  24. lolo yasser

    That was awesome bathroom´╗┐

  25. asboandy02


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