Room Tour! Teen girls bedroom design with a place for her DOG :-)

Room tour bedroom design ideas for teen girls. Tour the room now! My Instagram: rebeccarobeson Post to your FACEBOOK Facebook! HOUZZ! Room Tour giveaways every week on Makeover Mondays by YouTubes most watched Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson. Tour the room of this weeks winner from the United States, Supersoundly. 13 year old Alyssa has a lovely bedroom with a beautiful bay window and plenty of space to move around. Her challenge is her room mate…. The DOG! Rebecca designs a room for Alyssa that not only functions smoothly and looks vibrant and colorful, It actually camouflages the unsightly dog kennel necessary for Alyssa’s dog. Creatively floating the furniture on the middle of the room, Rebecca takes advantage of the architectural features of the room while leaving plenty of functional space for both its inhabitants! Congratulations Supersoundly. Subscribe to ROBESON DESIGN STUDIOS: Subscribe to ROBESON DESIGN :

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25 Comments for “Room Tour! Teen girls bedroom design with a place for her DOG :-)”

  1. sara banks

    Hahaha my dog would love this! Talk about a pampered pooch

  2. asdfghjklovesyou

    Wow. This room is so colorful. I would love to sleep in this room 🙂

  3. TheAudChild

    The colors are fabulous

  4. Lucy Guiberson

    Love the colors!! Great idea with the kennel!!

  5. Alyssa Harrison

    Ok so I was watching an he was like, “congratulations Alyssa” and my name is Alyssa, I live in the U.S. and I am also 13. That is some creepy shit right there O.o

  6. Anana Bumble

    I’ve only ever had my cat nap on my bed…

  7. Jayleen Lowe

    This is so cool!!! I would LOVE to have blue in my room!! Keep on making these videos!!

  8. Tamara Khan

    I really like the color combinations for this room and the space to place the dog cage was very clever! And Greyson you are too cute!

  9. sarai sarabia

    I just might do this

  10. Lady22Virgo


  11. itsmebabayx


  12. KenZyWenZy99

    Rebecca, I really need some help. I have a pet hamster (Theodore) and when I get my room re- done his cage colors are going to clash with the room design. I can’t get a new cage and the colors of it are orange and turquoise. Is there anyway possible that could cover up his cage or hide it away somewhere or any suggestions on where to keep it or put it on in my bedroom? Like something I could put the cage on or store it in? Thank you. <3

  13. AyeeItsLily5

    You’re right Greyson! These colors Rebecca picked are amazing! Love your videos!

  14. M Fang

    I can’t get enough of your videos! You give me great inspiration for my room! Thank you!!

  15. Andrea Portella Meiggs

    and i love Greyson <3

  16. Andrea Portella Meiggs

    i love the colors!


    Nice color choice!!

  18. wendyberryman9

    Hi really love your videos but just this week I saw them and I’ve not stop watching them

  19. Takeasmile8

    Elyssa is my friends name

  20. Takeasmile8

    My favorite colours!!! Turquoise and coral but nobody has a room and style like me 0

  21. Takeasmile8

    I have a cat that takes over my sleeping space =)

  22. AnimeCupcakesDeath

    I love the whole idea where there’s an empty space for the dog behind the bed!!!

  23. theNGbeauty

    Omgg i really like the chandalier!(:

  24. TheCoolioPopsicle

    I really love this design! The colors are so pretty and the bay window area was ingenious!

  25. HeyItsTessa7

    i love you GREYSON!!

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