Tree Planting Tips for Beginners

Tree planting is a creative exercise and you happen to be ignorant about this activity then start planting a tree in your own yard and learn the technique. By planting trees you can improve the health of the natural surroundings and save it from other disaster, for example, clean the pollutants, reduce the global warming, etc.

The article will focus on the suggesting the tips for beginners:

Selecting a tree: Make sure to select a tree suitable to the environment of the place, this will ensure the easy blooming and will invite the birds and other domestic pets. Whatever is the choice, you must ask the nursery about its growth period, size and the shape and determine, whether it will suit to the backyard.

Place: yes! It is important to select the right space, as there should not any wire above it. Besides this determine the purpose of planting the tree. If you are planning to plant a tree cool breeze, then it is a good idea to plant a tree in the eastern side, or west, or southern side of your home. Planting tree on the northern side will acts a windbreak during winters.

Time: Tree planting is always in a specific season. The best time of planting tree is spring and fall, where a large number of plant species in US responds positively. However, if you are choosing different, check the month when the tree can be planted.
Planting: for planting landscaping service is quite important. One needs clear the space thrice to the diametric size of the root ball. Make sure that you have removed all the weeds from the place or any kind of ground cover or grass in the target space so that nothing else eats up the nutrients that you have provided. To add, dig a hole twice bigger than root ball and start with deep root feeding in order improve the root penetration. One should not put it too harshly, if you happen to be compact it harder then loosen the root. Set the tree with soil, water and removing the air pockets.
Watering: without the proper irrigation the plants will die. So, it is essential to irrigate your baby plant at least twice a week. Depending on the species, there are a few species of plant which needs lesser water. So, contact the nursery and understand its permeability to water.

Fertilizing: fertilizing is an important task and you ask for some natural product.

It is not necessary that only you help in this noble cause by tree planting. There are many trees that are being cut off at the places of building malls and other concrete base. You may help and promote the scientific process of tree removing so that plant is removed in such a way that does not die and after that help the authority in tree transplanting. In this way you may be saving the life of the tree.

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