3D Interior Design – Blue Gardinia

I realized this interior with 3D graphic for an Agency. The power and mesmerizing voice of Nat King Cole give a “push” to the class and luxury of the apartme…
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Interior Design San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you along on her design trip to ITALY!! http://www.robesondesign.com/ Interior Designer Reb…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Comments for “3D Interior Design – Blue Gardinia”

  1. Ruturaj Desai

    Nice 3D Interior Design…

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  3. Lorenzo Mariani

    Autodesk Maya Lorenzo

  4. chris churchill

    Hey, amazing work, loved it. What software do you use to do it? What’s it

  5. fairlytaleofnewyork

    Such a professional work, Lorenzo. Yes definitely refreshing!!

  6. Lorenzo Mariani

    @Glenmed Thanks a lot Really!!! If You want…Could You send this clip to
    some friends if they like it? Thanks!!!

  7. RobertsDigital

    lorenzo please please…If I give you a sketch or a blue print of my house
    design can you make it 3d for me?? Can I PM you?

  8. RobertsDigital

    whatst he name of the software

  9. Isis Cepon

    Molto bello!!!

  10. Lorenzo Mariani

    @CJEChurchill Thamks a lot!! I used Aurodesk maya 2011…Thanks again for
    Your comment!!! Lorenzo F.P. Mariani

  11. CurzonRoad

    V-e-r-y lovely…. thank you!

  12. Herur22

    Very tasty.

  13. 21121984mk

    Very good job…How long did it take to make this from scratch? and do you
    work as a freelancer?

  14. kyra Kern

    My likes on all the videos keep getting deleted 🙁

  15. Valarie Housley

    Rebecca, you have so much energy, I love Mother Daughter trips, this brings
    back fond memories for this 67 year old fan. Sharrah is not spolied she is
    blessed with a loving, thoughtful Mom. I am really enjoying this trip with
    you guys, thanks for sharing with us. luv Valarie.

  16. Flyermac

    Dear Rebecca! Your children don’t need to win the lotto to become happy.
    They have you a Super Mama! Un abbraccio, Cristiano Brasil.

  17. Niall J. Minihan

    OMG who cares if you spoil her! You guys are good people and you work hard
    for your success! Enjoy and spoil away! Great videos by the way!

  18. Robeson Design

    @Beautylicionista Than you will RALLY love whats coming next! Thanks……RR

  19. animalrescuegeek

    I love those dresses and I don’t know who’s boots those were but they were
    beautiful. Thank you so much for taking us along.

  20. luvs2shop661

    Thank you SOOOO much for taking the time on your vacation to edit these
    beautiful videos..:) It means alot to us. It feels like we are there with
    you ( I wish)..:) I love the last picture, it was so beautiful..And I also
    love how EVERYONE loves Sharrah…She certainly is a beautiful girl..Takes
    after her momma.:) Thanks again for sharing, can’t wait to see more.

  21. suggarachel

    Sarah is a pricess form the us of a 🙂 hehehehe 🙂

  22. Diana Dnadmin

    You both look so beautiful. The editing is fantastic…. like watching it
    on TV. 🙂

  23. sweetkiki16

    Italian men really appreciate beauty!!!

  24. etarime

    I don’t that she’s spoiled, my parents are the same with me and my
    siblings.. I think because we’re very appreciative

  25. GlitterKisses2010

    I live the Spain videos I feel like I’m there with u guys and your daughter
    is gorgeous!

  26. sumaq64

    Rebbecca, Isn’t wonderful to travel with your daughter, She’s yours to
    spoil 🙂 , this is every mothers dream, time with your daughter and if you
    can spoiled her rotten, good for you guys. Love it. I lost my mother when I
    was 21 years old and to see the two of you making memories makes me happy.

  27. MsLovin2010

    The shopping looks amazing. I wish I could be there with you. You are such
    a good mom spoiling your daughter:)

  28. Robeson Design

    @faith2392 Thank you so much. I apologize for responding so late to this
    comment left a month ago… been pretty busy! 🙂 RR

  29. Sue Peterson

    The clothes you bought in the store, “Sister’s,” were GORGEOUS! You look
    amazing in them, Rebecca! Great choices!

  30. faith2392

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Both of you beautiful ladies look
    absolute gorgeous hehe Sarah is very lucky to have you as her mother god

  31. Robeson Design

    @VivaLaLipstick ….Me too 🙂 RR

  32. rockthisworldapart

    Nice video lol 🙂

  33. aliangelic

    Do yo think that statue actually had a snake in his hand or… maybe… he
    yanked something off! XD! Sharrah is famous, LOL, she even had a stalker!
    She needs a bodyguard, ASAP! Oh the man at the boutique ” But you must copy
    my idea”! He was probably a bit worried there for a sec! XD Thanks for
    showing me some Italy! ♥ these vlogs!

  34. Robeson Design

    @ddog5858 Yes, Thank you… You’ll see a video on the subject in a few days
    🙂 RR

  35. aalixx1979

    I want to visit other Italy 😉

  36. Beautylicionista

    5-Terre is my favorite relax place in Italy! Enjoy yourselves!

  37. malevolenceXXXensues

    glad you’re having a wonderful time

  38. candiceolsin

    This is so much fun you guys. I feel like I’m on the trip with you. Your
    daughter is breath taking. So much fun to see the reactions of the men in
    Italy. I would imagine they were awestruck. Blond hair yes, but she’s more
    than just blond hair. Her face is so beautiful and oh my, her figure, why
    wouldn’t you want to buy her everything she puts on! I would have a hard
    time saying no myself! Thanks for including us in your adventures. So much
    fun to watch! day 5.. bring it on!

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