All About Solar Energy

Solar energy has emerged as one of the best alternative sources of energy.This form of energy is renewable and has limited negative impact to the atmosphere and the environment in only requires sunlight hence it’s not as expensive as other alternative sources of energy that require expensive natural resources like fossil fuels.

Solar energy is obtained from sun radiation. Once the sun rays reaches the surface of the earth it is absorbed by photovoltaic cells and it’s then converted to electrical energy.The photovoltaic systems used to trap the rays can be installed anywhere even in remote regions despite its cost.The photovoltaic solar cells are made from silicon alloys.These cells can be mounted on rooftops at homes and factories to provide electricity.The amount of electric power to be generated dependson the amount of sunlight that the cells receive.Once the energy is converted it’s stored and can now be used.Sunlight intensity varies with scope of land, hours of sunshine among others.

There are different types of solar panel systems. One can either have the grid tied with battery backup system.This one ensures that you have power even during power outages for a long time.When there is sunshine the solar panels charge the batteries and automatically shut off when the batteries are full .The generator resumes charging the batteries when the level of energy in the batteries starts to run low.The off-grid is also another alternative .Its mostly used in rural areas where there is no access to the utility grid. Excess electricity produced by the off grid system is stored in battery banks for use when there is power outage. Direct DC solar system is also another alternative this system produces electricity whenever its needed.Storage systems are not required. It’s mostly used for water pumping.The last alternative is the hybrid power system that relies on both wind and solar energy to produce electricity.

Solar energy is totally economical and can be used in various fields to produce energy.Some of these fields include:


Sunlight is essential for plants and therefore its energy is extensively used to optimize their production. Greenhouses require sunlight energy which is converted to heat. This ensures that production throughout the year despite the season.

Water heating

Water heating systems use energy from the sun to heat water.The main types solar water heating systems are glazed flat plates mainly used domestically and unglazed plastic collectors used mainly in swimming pools.

Ventilation and temperature control

Thermal mass materials like cement and water absorb solar radiations during the day to keep the room cooler. The absorbed energy is then radiated in the building at nights to raise the room temperature.

Water treatment

Solar distillation can be used to purify saline waters. Water can be disinfected by exposing water in polyethylene plastic bags to the sun.


Cooking can be done using solar cookers that use solar energy.Drying and pasteurization can also be done using energy from the sun.

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