Bedroom Interior Design Special- TV5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Interior Design: Live. Work. Play. Design. Think interior design is knowing which drapes match the carpet? Go beyond mere decoration and explore the exciting…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Comments for “Bedroom Interior Design Special- TV5”

  1. Mail Abovei

    fun to watch

  2. Natalie Tan

    @CrayolaMyRainbow No you don’t =) Fortunately you only really need a good

  3. Aditya Varman

    Me Too ..

  4. Natapier

    very nice video, you can tell she really enjoy her work and has a passion
    for it!!

  5. b0zzii

    I’d like to see a whole day of an interior designers job. Is there a video
    for that already, im not sure what education I wanna choose, but interior
    design sounds nice. I’ve always loved art and im not too bad at it either,
    so thats a plus;) I just need tips about it..

  6. CrayolaMyRainbow

    @nat31391 Do you need to have pre-cal to become an interior designer in
    highschool? Or could you take applied math? 🙁

  7. Natalie Tan

    @CrayolaMyRainbow Hey! Sorry for the late reply, no you don’t need pre-cal,
    I ended high school with Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry , you can
    probably just take applied math =)

  8. Natalie Tan

    I’m a college student in interior design and i can tell you this, you’re
    going to need to put a lot of hours into it. I have absolutely no life
    other than my work haha

  9. Robeson Design

    Nicely done video

  10. zakaria chefi

    Im not happy in work cause i work with chinese too fast nice design but not
    strong or unique

  11. BuyFurnitureYouLove

    fun video!

  12. Mike Sarkis

    3D picture frame Adding fullness & depth to your Home & Office

  13. ameinteriordesign

    nice video, thanks for sharing

  14. astleysoho

    hey, i have the same tagline for my company’s mktg

  15. q8typroud

    i always wanted to be an interior designer !! but its not popular or
    preciated here in my country ! plus i dont know where will i work if i
    finished my interior design studies ( bachelors degree ) ?? one more thing
    ! i tend to see that more girls are interested in taking interior design
    courses ,why is that ? i’m affraid that i’ll be the only guy in the class
    ;S please someone give me some advice !

  16. superbad33

    do you mean like commercial and domestic? there are many types, cuz it can
    be for homes, offices, public spaces…

  17. 1PAKI2C

    isnt there 2 types of interior design

  18. VideoGameCoupons

    i like the video.

  19. terrisweeney

    Nice video. Liked it.


    @CrayolaMyRainbow Hey, you can probably just take applied math. Check out on the web to get some more info and find people you can talk to
    about things like this — that’s the web site for the dept. of interior
    design. –Brian

  21. iLOVENATURE2011

    one got thing about having a female interior designer is that they are very
    hands-on when it comes to detailing. very nice video.

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