Decorating Your Countryside Cottage directories/Decorating Your Countryside CottageDecorating your countryside cottage should be welcomed as a relaxing and peaceful task, since cottages, usually built in some beautiful rustic and natural environment and surrounded by mother nature unaffected by stresses and pollutions deriving from everyday modern life, should always be a place where you go to rest both your eyes and soul. Now, there are certain things you can do when decorating your countryside cottage that can make it look even more inviting for your friends and family. These decorating ideas go from your flooring to your windows and are all joined under the basic concept of achieving a natural, rustic and traditional look of your countryside home.

First of all, pay attention to the color scheme. Since, as mentioned before, the look you are going for when decorating your countryside cottage is natural and classic one, choose some neutral colors for both your walls, flooring and windows. The best choice are always different shades of brown, from light brown, beige, cream to dark brown and mahogany. Opt for some central color that will dominate the space and then create a certain color scheme by adding different shades of the dominant color and some complement colors like green or red, but only in details. This can really lighten up your space, but without disrupting the rustic and peaceful atmosphere you want to create.

Another important thing are the materials you are using. Wood or other natural materials are the safest choice when decorating your countryside cottage. Your flooring and window frames should be made out of wood. This also applies to the rest of your countryside home, that is your furniture, since heavy, wooden tables, dark brown cabinets and tall vintage wooden chairs and rocking chairs always fit nicely into such traditional décor, but also your window coverings. Venetian window blinds will add a certain touch of elegance and nostalgia to your rustic home, especially wooden ones. Namely, some other, basically, more modern-like window coverings can look asynchronous with the rest of your interior décor, while wooden Venetians are a timeless window treatment. When it comes to their color, the choice can be very easy, since most Venetian blinds are available in different tones of neutral colors such as white or brown, which is exactly what you need. We suggest the use of Old Walnut or Rich Wengi, available right here on You should also avoid using too much metal, ceramic or marble, since these tend to look cold, especially when compared to the rest of your interior design.

Add a certain personal touch by mixing different fabrics, but soft and natural ones. You can use these as a blanket or a covering for your bed, a table cloth, some old-rug or a mop hanging beside the sink or some simple curtain combined with your wooden Venetian blinds. Some pillows scattered around are another bright idea when decorating your countryside cottage. Also some patterns would be nice, such as plaid or floral ones, or those with some rustic elements like mills, barns, farm animals etc, which are always very popular.

Finally as accessorizing is concerned, you can add some elements that will nicely complement your color scheme, wooden furniture and symbolic patterns you have chosen. Some knitted or wooden baskets will look nice, but will also help you organize your home and avoid unnecessary clutter. Also try to make the best of some old toys, dishes or paintings that look antique or warn out, that you might not need and do not want to use in your modern apartment down town, since these can nicely contribute to your countryside style. Try to preserve some of the cottage history, in order of keeping it unique and original, especially if you have not built it, but only bought it. If you have found some old furnishing or mirrors already there do not throw them away, since they might be able to tell a story and add some spirit and history to your home and just make the process of decorating your countryside cottage easier. Some antique, crystal chandeliers can look beautiful, just as adding some iron or brass elements to your furnishing can add a more traditional note. Finally, the most important thing is that you and your family or guests feel comfortable and cozy whenever staying in your cottage in the countryside, so don’t give in to trends, but customize your countryside home in a way that will make you feel welcome and at home, which could easily be the crucial thing to bear in mind when decorating your countryside cottage. 

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