Design Ideas for a Small Living Room Living with a Small Room Small Space Interior Design

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47 Comments for “Design Ideas for a Small Living Room Living with a Small Room Small Space Interior Design”

  1. kel00789

    lol right


  2. Michael7477

    Please note that these are the budget designs for poorer individuals with a net worth of less than 100 million dollars.

  3. margaret mugure

    i had to check the meaning of ‘small’ in my dictionary.

  4. niznet111

    Small? It’s like Buck Palace!

  5. furn Q

    Try to use our sofa in your designs! Surely, it will give your designs a touch of elegance

  6. dhenry2010

    Where exactly does “small” come into play? I don’t see it.

  7. JustBailah

    0.o i thought it said SMALL….

  8. shestamps

    ro(small)flmao! oh yeah!

  9. saintKristoph

    This looks like gaudy Chinese style. Tasteless.

  10. Treat Nguyen

    Thanks. Very nice rooms but they’re not small.

  11. Bozkurt68400

    if indians call those a small room I live in a f..king match box

  12. catherine gavino

    I clicked on this one to get more ideas on how to decorate our small space cause we rally have a small living room,a small home in particular.But this ain’t no small rooms maybe for those who lived on mansions these one are.

  13. rosiesmard

    This is not even small at all !!

  14. hala0coco

    small space ! really ?

  15. Erly Setyaningsih


  16. chicoglam

    So my livingroom is not small, is super nano tiny!

  17. mailorlee2

    I guess that’s small in Mumbai, India. Geez!

  18. Vincent Macek

    I see; so this is a new definition of ‘small’ I’ve been unfamiliar with.

  19. lolzisthenewlol


  20. kimoni6

    @shelladavis i said the same f–king thing, lol.

  21. shelladavis

    you call those rooms small wtf?

  22. Alegator San

    Не плохо,есть что посмотреть…Спасибо.

  23. Janaka Dissanayake

    Serge, sir you are undoubtedly the best instructor on youtube! I learned tons from your videos and just want to say Thank you!

  24. arturfolia

    Till this moment I didn’t see anyone better learning and you have very polite, nice and funny jokes.. I love your tutorials!! Thank you very much for all your knowledge that you are giving us!!!!

  25. Kwan Michael

    Great video. Have you ever tried TSE-17mm f4L? This the best lens for Interior photography. Does f7.1 has good enough depth of field for interior photography? How about f11?

  26. Patricia Brunelle

    Very helpful! I will be tuning in and rewatching! Thank you Serge-

  27. Brian Whitt

    Loved it!!!

  28. Christian Schäfer

    Great Job! You really show the difference between a photographer and a real artist! Thanks!

  29. Ibrahim Alahmadi

    Thank you Serge, your tutorials made me a better retoucher.

  30. Benny Joseph

    Thank you Serge, Very useful tutorial

  31. 123789s1

    16:00 – beats vacuuming 

  32. moesnuts

    Thank you! Great tutorial! I just watched it twice

  33. Gan kwok wei

    awesome! straight forward and practical tutorials. Must try to apply the things learned from this tutorial and definitely will come back to learn more good stuff from you..thanks!

  34. Ethan Lee

    Thanks! Could see the difference in my photos already, feels great to learn something new again!

  35. Bro zouz

    Très bon tuto! Merci

  36. fifula

    Great job. Best tutorial on retouching I have ever watched!

  37. Aaron Campbell

    love the energy and passion you are able to portray for your profession and take it to an Artistic level…fantastic

  38. TheDtac

    Love your methodology. Thanks for sharing your secrets.

  39. Abhijit bhavsar

    Thank you so much.

  40. Jose Angel Tabares

    realy you are very good retouching but I do not belive you are amazing photographer. You must to learn more how to use ligth..

  41. Ken Owens

    thank you sooo much for helping me fine tune my skill set… great video

  42. Marmoladafilms

    Thanks for the video! I had a work in an hotel… watching this tutorial some weeks ago was better -_-….

    I will use surely in the future! Thanks

  43. Bilal Izaddin

    I liked your video really, also I had purchased you photography tutorials from App store and that had super nice,it made me took picture in new style, if its possible dedicate a video about iso and aperture size practical in one of DSLR cameras and compare between several situations of conducting same shot in different circumstances
    Thank a lot
    Bilal From Iraq

  44. firefighterswife0928

    Thank you! Would like to get into real estate photography, but HARD to find instruction in the small town in which I live! As I move forward with acquiring equipment, I plan to purchase your tutorials!! Thank you!!

  45. thejjzzable

    The blur that you did to the bed, can it be done with clarity tool? I don’t have c6, that’s why i’m asking.

  46. Jan Vg

    Vous êtes vraiment un artiste. Je vous souhaite que du bonheur! BTW: are all your tips and tricks about interior photography incuded in the “full LR and PS tutorials package”?Encore un grand merci! – Jan

  47. jatin patel

    Thankss man learn lots of things from your toutorial

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