Designer’s apt is 225 sq ft masterpiece – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

Interior Designer, J. Michael Moore, had been pondering the idea of downsizing for a while – and then he found a 225 sq foot studio located in the same build…

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25 Comments for “Designer’s apt is 225 sq ft masterpiece – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video”

  1. Skylark D.D.

    The friendliness of this guy’s demeanor reminds me of Kevin on “The Office.” He looks like he could be Kevin’s younger brother or something, haha.

    I love the apartment! It made me think of the Orson Welles quote, “the absence of limitations is the enemy of art.” Instead of feeling inhibited by the limitations of his space, his creativity was empowered by it. As someone living in a dorm room the size of a shoebox, that attitude inspires me.

    I especially love the bathroom. : )

  2. TheNYCUrbanite

    Spectacular! Nothing is his apartment is predictable, nor over-the-top which makes it that much more appealing. It’s simple, clean and organized and he still managed to give it that Wow factor!

  3. girlygirlwoman

    Great job! Love that you love color. I have a 2 bedroom I don’t even like. I’m happy for you.

  4. SpacesTV

    hmm i can kind of see that…

  5. zareefshakeel

    he resembles robert de niro :)

  6. niznet111

    A really nice pad!

  7. traviskoh999

    if you had the money u’d live in a bigger space.

  8. savgal1211

    These wonderful small spaces are FILLED with QUALITY!! Now, if you lok at some Mc Mansion, and you are invited inside, you will likely view just HORRID mass produced Oil paintings that every store sells, ugly “Matching” end tables and lamps, mass produced garbage..! Not in these Tiny spaces.. THEY are RICH in quality and warmth and originaity!!

  9. simplystormie

    I love this apartment I am moving in

  10. lambikins

    J. Michael: I’m giving you MY highest youtube compliment possible: I expand the video to Full Screen! I only do this with 1:100 videos but your vision and attention to detail really resonated with me. LOVE the colour! LOVE the accessories! LOVE that you are representing us Tiny Dwellers who do NOT want to live like some freakin’ Monk in a Monastary, with one pair of shoes and two changes of clothes! Your video gave me the support I need to dwell in beauty.

  11. OpticalFascism

    The dim lighting and red walls make it look like a brothel.

  12. zoeydebra

    Yes, I love this video series! I have a very small studio apartment and this video in particular gives me the idea and the confidence to experiment with bold colors and accents and to think outside of the box on a very limited budget. What a find when you stumble on things by accident! Keep it up! I even look on this website called Apartment Therapy and search for clues and knick knacks that gives me inspiration…

  13. SpacesTV

    hmmm thats a great idea!

  14. SpacesTV

    welllll then subscribe for more!

  15. ashly reagan

    i love these videos!! 🙂

  16. zoeydebra

    I wish that you could give a mini contest to an apartment dweller with a small space who could benefit from a free makeover in their tiny apartment in the city!

  17. Halah Saud

    His apartment gives me the feeling of a dollhouse <3

  18. SpacesTV

    seems to be the way in small space design

  19. 278Dragana

    every man in these videos has a sleeping loft :)

  20. Luís Alonso Costas

    each person likes the colors you see and we must respect it, but I like the orange color you chose

  21. SpacesTV

    yes yes yes!!! theres more coming

  22. Rachel Webb

    Please can you do some more of these videos they are my favourite and so many people live in tiny spaces it’s really helpful and interesting. x

  23. SpacesTV

    you drunk?

  24. hear fan

    drinking game, take a shot every time he says “small space”

  25. iEightKyu

    Totally irrelevant, but the lady at the end scared me ;C
    I’m wearing headphones.

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