Do Landscape Contractors Return Value For Money

You are the proud owner of an excellent yard, now what to do with it? Are you going to start excavating and blasting, tearing, chopping and moving, sweating, bleeding and crying?

Or are you going to use a contractor to come in and fabricate, enhance and make wonderful that which is now just some dying grass and a couple of unidentified bushes?

Whether it’s your first time landscaping your yard or you are looking at changing the look of your present garden landscape, hiring a landscaping contractor is the easiest way to get the job finished. Implementing a garden or yard landscape can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, there are many effective and dependable landscaping professionals that can handle the work for you and ensure you achieve the results you want.

A landscaping contractor will work with you to create a landscape tailored to your design. However, it is also the responsibility of the contractor to give you expert advice and ensure that you make the right choices from selecting plants and other materials to proper layout, lighting and other concerns.

Here are some thoughts:

Your household is most likely the biggest investment you have made in your life. A perfect way to enhance this investment is to landscape your yard or garden. Again, if you’re like most people, you know that the green stuff on your yard is grass and the tall things are trees. You likely have no knowledge about the items of landscaping (or that landscaping design has principles!), so it may be a better idea to hire a landscape contractor to do the actual work. Professionals can make the difference between a beautifully landscaped property and one that needs professional help. Landscaping contractors can do a better job than you because they are the experts; they can do a large amount of work in a relatively short period of time and if you choose one carefully will make the entire project an enjoyable one.

Professionals have the tools, they know how to use them they’ll clean up the mess and truck it away. They have the muscle, the contacts, the time and the experience to do the job. You on the other hand have a shovel, kid’s soccer games; the Johnson’s coming over at 8:00 and typically two days a week to do it after working all week.

Before you hire any professional try this:

Interview at least three companies. Even if you like the first one, go through the interview process. Show them your plan (you should have a plan, or at least some ideas), talk about budget and time constraints. Compare rates, history and use your intuition – that warning feeling is usually right on.

Ask for references and call those references. People who have had a noteworthy experience will be happy to help out, and those that have had an atrocious one will be really happy to help out!

The first meeting is free. Here you will review with them what you want. Don’t forget to ask them questions like what are their credentials and if their certificates and licenses are still valid.

The landscaping company should also have insurance so if anything happens; they will be the ones liable to pay for any damages incurred. Use a contract! A quote is useless except as a planning tool.

Use a written contract. For your safety, the contract should state that the agreed upon price should be followed and that no additional charges will be added in the future. It should also contain the plants to be used, the design system, terms of payment, length of project, maintenance terms and a guarantee.

Landscaping contractors who do a good job are able to get repeat business and more clients. Those who fail to live up to their standards will fold.

Landscaping Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words.

One of the best ways is to create your perfect landscape vision is to browse through thousands of ideas right here to help turn you landscape concepts into reality.

Creating the right image is the first step in designing your landscaping solution and if you can picture it, you can do it!

Warm wishes

— Barb

Barb Miller
Landscape Designer

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