Fall Home Decor Candle Wreaths

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38 Comments for “Fall Home Decor Candle Wreaths”

  1. babescraftroom

    I just found you. I love your things. This is such an awesome idea. And I
    love your accent, where are you from? I am a new subbie… hugs barb

  2. Cherokeepurple1

    absolutely so cute and perfect for fall!!

  3. Bodie6971

    These are so pretty. Amanda

  4. Rose-Marie Noel


  5. sassyscrappers

    oh honey these are stunning. Hugs Bonnie

  6. Grandmasandy100

    Very nice for the fall tfs Hugs

  7. amadoreros

    Very beautiful!

  8. reddevil1987100

    I love your work. It gave me a real good idea . I can give them as gifts
    for my friends for this thanksgiving. Thanks….

  9. nilianny

    Becca your a great designer, i love all your work. tfs xoxo Lilly

  10. strandnixe1

    Becca, your project are very beautiful. TFS Hugs Beate

  11. Rose-Marie Noel

    Wow so pretty . Rose-Marie Canada

  12. TheDanolando

    So pretty i love this idea ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for sharing Daniel

  13. Alterjunkie

    Those are so pretty becca, I really need to get me some of those leaves,
    they are adorable TFS hun, Hugs Jane

  14. Stac Ho

    It’s beautiful Becca! Tsf Stacey

  15. BigTopp6

    Happy B-day.

  16. ohitsROME

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Joshua Mas


  18. Noey Duran

    i seen him before he lives in my city hahaha

  19. MrMrG3AR

    You are confused, he’s not fat. But you’re right, he doesn’t have swag, he
    has CLASS! Keep thrifting Hosway, and stay classy.

  20. Jonathan Wiggins

    OMGi love the leopard jacket!!! it has so much potential!!

  21. joher525

    Happy Birthday!!

  22. Pinkpawsx

    Happy Birthday!

  23. Twilightjacob152

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope you have a fabulous day! and I’ve been wanting to go
    thrifting and In my town we have a whole st with just thrift stores! But
    every time I go shopping I always choose to go to the mall lol

  24. KingRexTX

    Sell me that leopard piece! Check out my online vintage project!

  25. kawaiifourlife

    oh and happy birthday!

  26. mylifefornick

    How CUTE is that leopard jacket?! Love the haul!

  27. ohitsROME

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day today!!

  28. sarah hapa

    Happy birthday!

  29. LouissaChick

    Happy birthday, just seen your channel, Absolutely love everything.
    Definitely check out my channel, i subscribed ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. cladd19

    Happy bday dude!

  31. herpeswontdefeatme

    no. he is fat, and he doesn’t have class; he dresses terribly.

  32. James Grainger

    Oh god, that animal print jacket :L

  33. Stijn Ottenburgs

    Happy Birthday!!

  34. Urbanicon82

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fab! hope you have a great birthday and live it up! I
    love this jean/denim theme going on here… I can’t believe Spring is
    around the corner… ahhh

  35. MrJetLifeSwag

    Nigga you fat, and you have no swag.

  36. onlylovemyself91

    Happy birthday!

  37. EverydayRamen

    You have a watch on your right arm..

  38. kawaiifourlife

    fabulous! werk it gurl! you should bleach and stud one of your jean jackets
    i have a video up for that if you would like to see how to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ your
    room is just so fab also!. at my thrift store we have nothing nice. -___-

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