How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Decorations #1

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸WANNA MAKE MY DAY? SUBSCRIBE! (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ How to Light a Christmas tree and How to Decorate a Christmas tree Christmas Decorations by San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson who shares…

Interior Design, San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson tours the luxury penthouse condo she stayed in as a guest of the Harris brothers… owners of Furnitureland South. The Condo is 4000 sq feet of pure luxury living with a view of the historic High Point furniture market. Jeff Harris, the owner of the condo and his brother Jason Harris host YouTubes most watched Interior Designer in their home town of High Point, North Carolina as they introduce Rebecca to the worlds largest retail furniture store. Furnitureland South is located on 150 acres and accommodates more than one million square feet of showroom space… Includes a world class distribution center allowing them to ship to homeowners all around the world. * just a note to my viewers. I am not being paid by anyone to tell you about Furnitureland South. I’m sharing this information with you because I personally LOVE this place. Best of the best, all in one location with nearly wholesale prices available to the average homeowner. Honestly, I am so happy I found out about Furnitureland South. I wanted to share it with you, my youtube family 🙂 RR Link to Furnitureland Souths website: PS… Jeff Harris, owner of the condo rents this place out .If you are ever in High Point North Carolina… you should seriously check this place out!!! Link and details here

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49 Comments for “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Decorations #1”

  1. Popcornfizzlesnoop

    All of my Christmas stuff fits in just one of your bins lol. It is very pretty, but it’s true, it’s not what I imagine when I think of a Christmas tree; but I have picked up a few ideas for future Holidays. Thank you!

  2. duyle17

    How many trees do you have?

  3. Rebecca Boodram

    OMG.. My name is Rebecca and I have a sister named Jessica LOL..

  4. SonyaKFL

    Running the strain of twinkling lights up the center of the tree is GENIUS!! I can not wait to give that trick a try. If I had not just now repacked up all of my Christmas I would take my tree out and try it right this second!

  5. southernwoodwcross

    Please everyone look this up. “David Duke: The War on Christmas” God Bless!!!

  6. mrstheresa12303

    Forget the “touching every branch.” Support American labor by getting a tree that is made in the USA, i.e., grown on an American tree farm. Trees are not intended to be exactly perfect. Put that real tree in some hot water to open the pores, then pop open the sap pockets for real fragrance instead of fake perfume.

  7. nevin zia

    this was really helpful to me!!!!!!!!!!! your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!!! i love it! its a million dollars!!!! great video!!! (new subscriber)

  8. lisa greenwood

    music was a little loud durring your explaination of ornament placement. 

  9. theMusicFairy1

    such a beautiful tree thank you

  10. EdWatts

    I knew about decorating a Christmas tree, but I liked the video. Madam, you are more beautiful than the tree.

  11. OptimalOpinion

    What a coincidence, My balls hang from the branch too

  12. lepanzon

    Does anybody know the name of that stomper thing she shows @2:00 to turn the tree on and off. I know she said it’s called a stomper but I tried searching it on google and couldn’t find anything.

  13. bluejokerB

    when it came to every Christmas. we use to decorate the tree and hang up lights outside our place it looked really nice to see.

  14. Gerli Rättel

    Thats one of the most beautiful trees i have ever seen.

  15. 7pretty7

    Beautiful ..I change my tree very year also and now it is a family to competition to see who can have the nicest tree. Lots of fun. Were did you buy the hanging ice balls things? Lovely.

  16. craftsandmusic123

    Sorry but your tree looks horrible it looks so messy and tangled I do a better job but if you like it like that sure

  17. SuperMauboy

    What is better color lighting the christmas tree white or yellowish bulb??

  18. Striker2796

    i dont meen to complane by your lights weren’t that nice because thay were only one color,gold,it wasn’t like ,green,red and gold. it was just gold

  19. lilko85

    Very well

  20. NancyToday Christmas

    I love having a Christmas tree. I leave it up until the snow melts in April. Mine is white with gold balls.

  21. msvbloom

    Really liked you tree. The tips are great. I had to ask you something.
    I’ve gotten a Light Pink Xmas tree to use next year. Its about 7 ft tall.
    Any suggestions on the type of decorations/colours to use on the tree?? You mentioned working with a theme.

  22. Debbie Gambier

    Sorry, absolutely LOATH fake trees!

  23. Ornela Tasimi

    Hello I’m from italy . I love love love these decorations. You’re really particlar designer and i love your style

  24. bluebanna100

    lana del rey,is that you?

  25. Kira Petersen

    i’m from Denmark and we have a different way of decorating in my country, but your ideas of decorating a house or a tree is so easy and great – so I will take different small ideas and fit in to my way of decorating my christmas house…..I love decorating all year long, but In Denmark we don’t have at tradition of using homestylists so I can only decorating my own house and talk with my friends and hope that they can use my ideas…merry christmas

  26. marilyniruguin02

    I like your necklace! Can you tell me where I could buy big necklace for my gown? So gorgeous!!!

  27. kennyblim

    There’s no point of “throwing your hat in the ring,” if they’re not giving away furniture. And, again, you’d have to pay for the delivery charges and taxes, which would be thousands of dollars on a “busload” of furniture.

  28. Deborah Sheng

    look at the video then look at my room
    the house is breathtaking

  29. Natasha Newburn

    Ahhh! I just love her…

  30. podcastbard

    the echo would drive me crazy. There is no sense of coziness in the place. It’s obviously not home. Imagine a TV or radio playing in the space.

  31. sharexoshowxo

    Oh my….lucky lady! I’d love a bus load of furniture sent to me any time they’d like to get ‘rid’ of any extras. My furniture is lacking style and it’s really seen better days. In fact, my bedroom furniture is a bed with a metal frame to hold the mattress off the floor, one broken dresser, and two floor lamps. We want to re-do it but we don’t have a furniture store anywhere. Hard to furnish!! Anyway, whether it’s a joke or not, I’m throwing my hat in the ring for any decorating you can!

  32. kennyblim

    Guys, they were joking about giving away furniture. x_x. I would imagine that you’d have to pay for the shipping and taxes, so the furniture wouldn’t actually be free.

  33. justsmile1n


  34. MissRiss41

    okay thanks checked it out thinking of entering its awesome 

  35. J Holmes

    I just moved to Greensboro and have passed by Furnitureland South. WOW! I didn’t know that it was all owned by the same owners. I’m impressed and can’t wait for you to have a giveaway contest with them!

  36. lisa greenwood

    My neighbors house and my driveway both spoil the family room view from that window. His freestanding hexagon mirror would be a great distraction from those eyesores. Thanks so much for the tour- Loved it! Bathroom and the kitchen were my favorite.

  37. TheIloveme2009

    You should of came and visited me & helped me with my room :D I live in HIgh Point, NC

  38. sarah m

    I wish i could live there 😀

  39. cbrooke16

    WOW … the darker stove and cabinet gives the illusion of more depth in that corner. Never seen anything like that before.

  40. amber L

    Those furnitures are awesome!! I wish I could live there :P

  41. KylaW16

    That’s huge! I think the headboard idea is awesome 🙂

  42. MRSketch09

    Those were the parts I loved the most.

  43. MRSketch09

    That was pretty spectacular, but at the same time, seemed like A LOT was going on… kitchen was probably my favorite part because it actually seemed grounded. And the bathroom is pretty freaking awesome, and that leather couch after word.

  44. marycindereli

    Watching this video and then taking another look at my crappy apartment

  45. mcresent

    Lovely condo. Head board mirror would look great but not sure if its practical


    She is so pretty

  47. Holtzkampf1

    Love the pent house, headboard idea is great.

  48. Anu Yew

    Love the Dining table/ Pool table; but, ….6:01 That sofa……That’s so me, I got goosebumps! Great tour, Thanks

  49. JazzyJean

    Plus the niches in the bathroom! Love them!

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