Interior Design before the Install… floor 2

Interior Design Interior Design walkthrough. Let me show you floor #2 on a walkthrough of an Interior Design proje…
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Interior Design bedroom design as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design shares decorating ideas Interior Design room tour http://www.robesondes…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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47 Comments for “Interior Design before the Install… floor 2”

  1. Susana Contreras- Blanco

    A fireplace or tv

  2. muskaanmann06

    i love ur videos i also emailed u can please reply please thanx luv u

  3. Daph1030

    Water, bubbles, and a very large glass of wine for Rebecca the energizer design bunny!

  4. SOrsucci82

    I have watched these over and over … love them!

  5. Mala Pettit

    Sorry for the dreadful spelling ect I meant DO the same* and horrid furniture IN there*

  6. Mala Pettit

    1. That is amazing!!!!!!!! It’s it a lovely house even if u painted black and put horrid furniture it there the style of the house is great! 2. I would love that to be my house or you do do the same to mine!!! Its modern but traditional at the same time love it! Modern for the stairs but traditional for example the farmhouse sink! Just….. Wooooooooooooowwwwwwww xxxxxx

  7. Momoko Takahashi-chin


  8. mspatti

    I am having trouble getting this channel in my subscription box. I get your other channel, but this one I always have to search for.

  9. IslamLifeSA

    I think it is space to hang the TV screen on it,and other shelves are for some accessories

  10. elisayshello1

    im in love with that ladder thing you design! thats sooooo cooll

  11. Taylor James

    love this house it is seriously my dream house!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  12. jess6642

    the closet

  13. jess6642

    i lve this house

  14. mydulce26

    OMG!!! U r AWESOME DESIGNER!!…U r my favorite designer channel to watch. LOVE ur personality!!.. it reflects happiness in your life n love for what u do. God bless you with many more good health n life…I hope to learn some great tips for my future home. 🙂

  15. definebeautiful01

    Omg this is like my dream house!! Ur soo great at what you do!! Love you!

  16. Pepiu25

    I love the pashmina color, and Iam trying it in May master bedroom, I love the color but not sure it would do well in the rest of the house because not a lot of light in certain area, I’m looking for a neutral color, but I love pashmina, any suggestions

  17. Pandaswag4

    My room is big the walls are a dark blue and dark purple and my comforter is a hot pink with waves of white blure and teal my room is just.. Dark is there a way I could make it brighter?my room is big so the decorating won’t be too hard I just need some tips and pointer to make it a little bit brighter

  18. TheMissAscencio

    0:45 It’s for a Plasma!

  19. TheGreenAppleHome

    ladder was amazing for bunks! love the little details! 😀

  20. SanctuaryHut

    Wrapping papers

  21. morgan ruscio

    two things, first;
    i think that a tv will go in that space, or a huge corkboard to display crafts,
    i reallly cant get over how much i love this house!!! 🙂 🙂

  22. angelaavalon

    I can’t stand it I can’t stand it!!!! I can’t stand waiting to see your final project. It’s sooooooo amazing!!

  23. Maria Acorn

    For what it’s worth, this hotel is not really owned by Hilton anymore. It was purchased by an Asian company who are beyond CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and then some! Back in the 80’s it was “consider” high quality, etc. In it’s hey day, famous people would stay here. Now it’s more a commuter type accommodation. Anyway….liked your ideas!

  24. danielaaltieva

    love it

  25. Sugarnlace

    Ok now can you just do this to my house!!!

  26. Claudia Corona

    genius. lol

  27. SthEastLA1

    So right on!

  28. RalphGatsby

    yep, her version looks better

  29. Ma Loy

    Wow, I got a 24sqm condo, my problem is how to put the curtain because of the beam on top of the window, I would give it a try after my tenant move out

  30. Stacy Park

    Wow. She’s amazing!! I love these videos I feel like I learn so much!!!

  31. elena gomez

    i live Tijuana i love you channel and ideas 🙂 SO NICE OF YOU TO LET US NOW ABOUT DESING .

  32. Ricangelo

    Perhaps if you have time to “sketch-up” the changes, it’ll be fun to see.

  33. 1000mishi

    So, there! This had me laughing out loud. Do you ever rest? Silly me . . . not until everything is in place, right? Lol!

  34. Preciousreann Canillo

    I woul love if you will decorate my room your just a genius

  35. turkishdelight2013

    I remember like maybe 10years ago in Australia the Hilton hotel was the bomb and having seen their room what a disgrace I’ve never stayed at a Hilton and I’m glad I prefer other hotels now that ice actually seen inside one

  36. Nick Hunter

    Superior Interiors ,New York 212-671-0162…..718-343-6600 ….. An Authorized Hunter Douglas Dealer …….Sales and Service

  37. Geminellie06

    wow!!!!! Ur awesome!!!! lbs!!! Im going with the espresso furniture now for sure 😀

  38. Arwen Evenstar

    i prefer her version!

  39. bornagaingirl10

    I so agree with your design change. I hope you had left it that when on your departure and hope management saw it and decide it is time for a change

  40. Mercy Shiekh

    Thank you for the video!

  41. sj shrestha

    you really inspire me to be an interior designer…i just love your work

  42. adhonisuh

    Its like freaking magic. Awesome

  43. Kaitlin Edwards

    I hope you told the manager to check out your video.

  44. beautysparkleslove

    very cool ideas. they will come in handy very soon

  45. AUD99

    And another demonstration of your talent!

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