Interior Design for Condo Remodel

Interior Design ideas revealed in Design video spotlighting Interior decorating project by Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸WANNA MAKE MY DAY? SUBSCRIBE! (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson shares the most shocking Interior Design home makeover of her career…… shocking that is, for the husband who had no idea his San Diego condo was being completely remodeled. Watch as she takes you along for the ride of this amazing transformation to the finished product. Link to my PERSONAL channel.. Music used is all royalty free music from Premium Beats “In The City of Angles” Olive Musique “Come Together” Ben Beiny “One day” Pete Morse Check out my NEW Personal Channel
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25 Comments for “Interior Design for Condo Remodel”

  1. Tami Cummins

    Rebecca, I neeeed yoooou! Love it!

  2. pamellaarias

    Nobel prize!!!! I’m so impressed I can’t even type!

  3. pamellaarias

    I meant to say Nobel price. Darn spell check!

  4. pamellaarias

    If there was a noble price for interior design you’d win it

  5. cbrooke16

    How have I never seen this remodel? I love the turnout!!!

  6. Tami Cummins

    What in the world is ghost coating?

  7. kathy sadowski

    I love it and love how you worked THEIR stuff in. I live in FL and see so many retirees who want and love their comfy furniture. I get it, though I may not necessary want it in my own home (choosing aesthetics over comfort). I love what you did with what you were given. And for the owners, you increased their property value without adding in additional expense of new furnishings….

  8. Hippy kisser

    i really like the dark wood

  9. Rainiexli

    WOW! This is amazing!!! U changed an old style house into a more modern looking house. Never thought the old furnitures would look like this. This is utterly amazing!

  10. lisa greenwood

    love the master bathroom, the dark cabnets in the kitchen and stainless backsplash in the pantry.

  11. marvilitalejandra

    Omg! Ive been watching your videos the last 3 days, and I have to say I loove you! Your personality and talent are just amazing! Subscribing right now!

  12. MicheleWR

    Very Classy, love the expresso, it stills feel warm and inviting without being too masculine.

  13. TheStars713

    LOVE what you did with the kitchen!

  14. Jenni Johnson

    Rebecca: You ROCKED THIS OUT! I love it!

  15. 76ComicFan

    The Patriots lost the Super Bowl when this video was shot :(..

  16. freshnewday

    You are amazing. You really added a lot of value to the condo. Love your designs.

  17. anajanemejia31

    i am more excited to see it…haahahhaahhaha

  18. SayariDesign

    amazing job <3 well done

  19. maricelbetz

    I noticed you have the same dining chairs in your own home and also curtains in one of the traditional home projects you did used in your home too! Love your taste =)

  20. Faten Madani

    @jeyngee plz!! -.- shut up !! Rebecca is not talkin bla bla bla much !! i really love the way she tells us her whole story ,, for me as a new interior designer i learn alot from her experience . they way she deals with her customers… everything about her is very valuable. to me

  21. bongbongbay

    It’s so fun to watch you.

  22. jeyngee

    You talked too much. Remember this a video. I want something moving… I want to see the view of the each room and not your blah… blah talk. dislike.

  23. MegaSantos1991

    again….. WOW!

  24. annie1234z

    I love the expresso would choice. It was a good transformation, not my favourite, but good.Merci

  25. lisa greenwood

    Way better condo layout . Everything now looks like it belongs.

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