Interior Designers Vintage/Antiques Accessory Haul

Interior Design ideas you can use to decorate in your home Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you along a shopping trip to buy last minute accessory pie…
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This short tutorial video shows how to use the John Dick & Son Pinterest page to create your own “Mood Board” on Pinterest.…

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26 Comments for “Interior Designers Vintage/Antiques Accessory Haul”

  1. Trina Benjamin

    thanks Rebecca for sharing, this makes sense to me. I have so many vases and different trinkets that I have not learned how to incorporate them into my home. And my husband to thinks it’s junk! Who knew!

  2. BeautyRhapsody

    I love vintage stuff but its so difficult to design for. Thanks for some inspiration!

  3. katie diab

    you have great videos

  4. dannaDteran

    Ur ideas r beautiful!!!

  5. Eleineine

    Thank you Rebecca u the best!!!

  6. GiGiWellness28

    Totally agree with you – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure 🙂

  7. Srivath Kumar

    love the plant base and the ceramic utensil and shutter

  8. Thecuriousincident1

    I think your video’s are so amazing and recommended you to two people. Hee Hee when you said one mans junk I had to laugh though. If you know what I mean my junk 😉

  9. diannashs

    I like this style! Thank you! 🙂

  10. JazzyJean

    Slightly off! Hey I understand that concept and yes, it’s always appealing to arrange certain accessories that way. Great, great, great!

  11. Mimi Cole

    Please continue to do vintage and antiques…I am an antique dealer and it is great to see modern designers using beloved vintage!

  12. CarolinesUniverse

    Genius and very useful, Thank you!

  13. Carolyn Torntore

    Great lesson on pairing old and new items. And in your install videos, thank goodness you wear a tank. So do I. I get so hot when I do an install… you know what I mean. I didn’t know if it was appropriate, but now I know, its all good!

  14. artimissable

    awesome video I love collecting antic things.

  15. Laura moo

    i love the shutter:)

  16. maaarzzz27

    I love these videos! Keep doing more please! (:

  17. mouseoll

    I’d live some more videos on accessorising and closing colours, I find I have great idea but translating them to reality just doesn’t look the same.

  18. Sonnie Velji

    Those treasures are amazing!

  19. GEEKiinthePINKK

    the different heights make it beautiful . . 🙂

  20. Kathleen Howard

    I like the “kittywampous(sp) term. And yes Greyson is amazing.

  21. Nindy Hunt

    you fascinate me with how you pull things together, and it gives me this wow thing at the end! I’m a big fan

  22. katerina lenia

    super duper amazing! Put more of those videos!

  23. SOrsucci82

    I need to find me a good antique shop!

  24. californiagirlie101

    I love this!!

  25. Ileana Plourde

    Need your help can I pare black furniture with white furniture

  26. Rosslyn Tebbutt

    Hi! just wanted to let you know that we’ve created an online solution inspired by Photoshop to create digital mood boards in the cloud. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. The software is called SampleBoard.

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