Lighting: A Plan For Elegance And Functionality

Choosing lighting fixtures and lamps for your home is not just a matter of selecting this one or that one simply because you like the looks of it. Lighting will have a major effect on your home’s appearance and functionality. You need to have a lighting plan to ensure your home is pleasing to the eye, and that various tasks can be performed easily and accurately.

The first consideration is “ambient lighting.” This is the general lighting that provides the basic ability to see your way around without bumping into walls and furniture. This could be achieved with a simple light bulb in a ceiling fixture, but of course, it would be much more attractive to use a fixture that has some style, and with a light source that is not harsh, yet gives good color rendition. Good ambient lighting can also be accomplished with the use of table lamps, as well as with more pleasant indirect lighting concealed over cabinets or in soffits.

The second type of lighting that you need to consider is task lighting. Task lighting, as the name implies, is lighting that makes it easier to perform specific activities. For example, in the kitchen, you might have under-cabinet lights or ceiling down-lights that are centered over countertops, so you don’t have to work in your own shadow.

In the bathroom, wall lights on each side of the mirror at or slightly above eye level is good for shaving or applying makeup. If side lighting is not feasible, then lighting along the top of the mirror works well. Try to avoid down lighting since this will create harsh, unflattering shadows on your face.

Other types of task lighting would be for hobbies, crafts or artwork. You’ll want to use lighting that would be appropriate to making these activities easier.

The third type of lighting you’ll want to consider is “accent lighting.” Accent lighting can be used to add visual interest and elegance to a room. You can use accent lighting to draw attention to your trophies, or perhaps you have an unusual sculpture that you wish to accentuate. Paintings are often spotlighted to emphasize their presence, but you can use accent lighting if you just want to highlight the texture of your drapery.

You should incorporate all three types of lighting into your plan. Ambient, task and accent lighting all work together to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

A good home lighting center can work with you to develop your overall lighting plan. If you are doing the whole house, it might be helpful to bring along a sketch or diagram of your floor plan showing the location of furniture, countertops, vanities and any paintings or special items that you would like to highlight.

If you give them an idea of what you hope to achieve, they will have suggestions on how to accomplish it. If you are not sure of what you want or need, they can make recommendations for a suitable lighting plan that will enhance the beauty of your home.

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