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The modern day homeowners are more and more open to new experiences and they try to think out of the box by realizing that the conventional ceramic tile isn’t really the best option available for their kitchen floors and walls. Following traditions is a great thing, but it won’t take you so far. Stainless steel tile require a very low level of maintenance, they are highly resistant to both oxidization and stains. Stainless steel is considered to be one of the most hygienic materials for kitchen use. As far as price is concerned it might not be as cheap as your old ceramic tiles, but it of course won’t be as expensive as thefinest stone tiles, either. The thickness of the metal is known as the steel gauge, the lower the number of steel gauge the thicker the steel. Obviously, a thicker tile will also be much more expensive than the thinner ones. Cost though is an important fact but it also depends on the place where you want to install the steel that what gauge of steel you want to use.

16 or 14 gauge steel is suggested for countertops and floors, but you mayperhaps get away with 20 or 18 gauges for stainless steel tile walls. If you areanxious about the price of steel tiles, you may choose stainless steel for your new wall casing. On the contrary, floor installations normally cost a bit more than the wall covering, so the extra expense is perhapsunavoidable no matter which ever material you may choose. A quite popular stainless steel option available is to finish the steel with analtered metallic finish. You can go to the extentof creating the looks of brass, copper, titanium, or zinc etc. Despite the fact that stainless steel is fairly easy to clean and maintain still you may also apply a sealant that has the ability to make the steel effectively maintenance free. This particular type of sealant, though, would add an extra $ 5 or more sq. ft. of installation.

Stainless steel also gives you the option to be colored, the standard for stainless steel tile is notessential the look of steel, but a glossy finish shared with matchlessstrength and convenience. A high end ornate steel tile can go as high as $ 200 per sq. ft, but most of the homeowners don’t really require this kind of customization and performance. You can also choose to contrast your steel tiling options, by installing a high quality decorative tile for a small space and a more common steel tile for theremaining of your kitchen walls. Stainless steel tiles can screw down or they may be glued by using silicone caulking. Installing steel tiles is notdifferent to ceramic tiles, except they require some more craftsmanship and expertise. If you want to install stainless steel tiles than you should try to consult an experienced tile contractor who has worked in this field for some time in his career.

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