Tips For Installing An Outdoor Kitchen

You can have the same utilities in your outdoor kitchen as your indoor kitchen, but everything must be waterproofed for the outdoor versions. The following list goes over some of the outdoor kitchen options you will want to consider if you wish to install an outdoor kitchen on your property.

A Barbecue Grill

Every outdoor kitchen should have one of these. It is the most basic option, but there are a variety of models to choose from. You can go prefab, semicustom, or completely custom with the grill. Outdoor grill range from the most basic barbecue to drop in stoves that have up to six burners and a gas kit. Determine how much space you have, as well as what your needs will be, and choose an option that will work best for you.

A Fireplace Or Fire Pit

A fireplace in your outdoor kitchen can become a gathering place to meet and converse with friends and family while you cook. If you plan to use the outdoor kitchen during colder months, a fireplace is a necessity to keep everyone warm. A fireplace can really give your outdoor kitchen a cozy feeling, making it seem more like a proper room of the house.

If a fireplace is too much for what you have in mind, consider the less former fire pit option. You could not only gather around the fire pit while you are eating, but you can even cook over the fire pit with a rotisserie or skewers if you want to cook over an open flame.

Countertops And Storage Cabinets

Just like the indoor version, outdoor kitchen need places for storing cooking utensils and other kitchen necessities, such as spices. The most popular options for outdoor kitchen countertops include stone or brick models, but you could also go for a wood version if you prefer. No matter which version you choose, make sure the material is water-resistant. You do not want to experience rotting cabinets.

If you plan on using the countertops for eating, be sure they are large enough to accommodate everyone in the family.

A Sink

No kitchen is complete without a sink. Stainless steel or ceramic models are preferred for outdoor kitchens. You can feed the sink with a hose or connect it directly to your home’s water supply.


If the elements are a concern in your area, consider installing a shelter for your outdoor kitchen. Rain or sun damage can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. It may be wise to not have cover over the barbecue area, but any other areas can be covered effectively.


Avoid slick surfaces when purchasing flooring for your outdoor kitchen, as they could be hazardous while cooking. Choosing a material that is sturdy and water-resistant is your best option.

Consulting with an experienced landscaping company can help you find the best spot to put your outdoor kitchen as well as give great ideas on how best to set it up.

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