Transform your flooring décor with contemporary rugs to create a cozy atmosphere

The change of seasons, the change of family schedule, or even a change in flooring- there are multitude of reasons to take your time out to transform the interior of your home and revitalize your flooring décor. Why not then avail of the opportunity this fall and winter to brush up your flooring with bold and glamorous products and colors trending this year?

So, when it is about designing a floor, use of contemporary rugs can be considered of. Truly speaking, use of rugs for floor design dates back around since the 5th century B.C.  With advancement of ages, they have got transformation in terms of construction, technique and design. For an untrained eye, making distinction between traditional rugs and contemporary rugs is pretty difficult as both of them come to look quite similar. But, when close and minute attention is paid to, distinctions between them in terms of work of art come to the fore; and unless it is successfully done, you cannot secure the right type of floor design for your home.

Indubitably, traditional rugs appear to be quite matching with conventional home settings while contemporary rugs can blend better with modern interior design concepts. For this reason, you need to be very discerning about the rug options you come by, because there are many retailers or manufacturers who won’t provide full disclosure upon purchase.

Contemporary rug texture techniques vary from traditional rugs’ and those variances anyone can identify with a little bit of practice and knowledge. Take any rug expert in confidence when you plan to create a cozy atmosphere of your rooms and your contemporary furniture and theme. Or else, you can educate yourself about these rugs. Here are top 4 tips to help you know the difference.

These rugs have amazing designs since they make use of patterns and colors that are widely popular across the board. Geometric and liner outlines for instance were extensively foreign to rug manufacturers of previous days. Majority of the traditional rugs have designs of animals, trees, etc. They also often come without any design or come in simple, relaxed and less defined design. On the other hand, modern rugs feature sophisticated pictures and abstract designs, which do not necessarily stick to the typical spherical or framed arrangement of the antiquity.

Regarding color arrangement, conventional rugs are more subdued and most often even appear to be pale, tending to blend in rather than stand out. Contemporary rugs are more vibrating, bold and captivating, being able to become the focus of attention. This is the reason as to why they may be incorporated with intricate line, optical illusions, as well as constructional techniques.

When it comes to choosing rug materials, a conventional rug is found to be free of chemical treatments. This is why they are never fireproof, dust proof and water repellent. Anyway, all these characteristics come to be present in such a rug when it is made out of wool, although they are minus comfort and durability. On the contrary, contemporary rugs are generally made out of synthetic fiber such as olefin and polyester. They are fireproof because they are cured. Besides being fireproof, these cured rugs are also dirt proof, fluid absorptive, hypoallergenic and, of course, resilient.

As for variety of shapes, they offer a multitude of variety in terms of their shapes. They come in the shapes like rectangular, oval, square, triangular and even ridged or contoured. Besides, they are found to be having accents sewn into corners and sequins on the surface. On the other hand, conventional rugs are found in rectangular shape only.   

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