Using Rustic Brick Effect Walpaper To Create A Relaxing Room

Bringing our natural habitat’s colours, styles and textures indoors is what can make us just that little bit more comfortable. As for colouring, for years we’ve been using natural, muted, earthy tones to create a calming home. This doesn’t mean that every room should be beige or cream! After all, all colours are natural. Using primary colours can be a little risky, but with the right tones, coordinating furnishings and lighting it’s easy to create a space that’s bold yet sophisticated and calming. Colouring is really something personal but choosing your colours well is essential as the slightest shade or tone can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. When I’m decorating a personal and relaxing space I tend to go for pastel or muted shades or darker luxurious colours. The lighter shades tend to have an open air feel of freedom and that darker colours have a warming luxurious feel.

For centuries we’ve used our natural surroundings to inspire our interiors. Flowers have been a huge influence on our decorating styles. Floral designs are one of the most popular textile and wallpaper prints and are certainly very popular in my home! It’s only recently I’ve considered breaking out of this trend. Bringing the outdoors in is still something I love but I wanted my room to have a more up to date urban feel. I made a list of natural themes but soon realised, in reality, I’m not very in touch with nature living in the city. I’ve always considered any home to be an entirely natural habitat. So I decided to use building materials to theme my living room. Using a combination of wood, stone and metals I created a unique effect that was just that little more in touch with how I live today. I kept to lighter natural tones for paint and used realistic brick effect wallpaper to create a rustic earthy yet urban feel on one wall. I then chose my furnishings based on there natural qualities. I used lots of wicker, plain woods and rough textured fabrics to create an overall rustic yet cosy feel. Exposing your floorboards and throwing down a plush rug would be something I would consider too. I think that it’s a matter of stripping back your interior to it’s natural form and complimenting the styles with comfortable textiles and furniture to create a style you’re happy with.

In my opinion, it’s the brick wallpaper that made the room. I think it’s a common misconception that brick effect wallpaper is dated and unrealistic. Many of the effects today are printed using modern techniques giving a near photo quality finish. I would definitely recommend using faux wallpaper to achieve the rustic wall look. It’s simply a great, contemporary alternative to taking a wall back to bare brick or fixing wood panels!

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