Vlog: Orientation and Interior Design

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In this episode learn how to design a room with Erin’s worksheet. In this week’s virtual remodel, we take Laurie’s viewer submitted photo and give it a fresh…

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33 Comments for “Vlog: Orientation and Interior Design”

  1. fizzzylala

    I agree!

  2. MrYellowberries

    You look SO pretty with brown hair!

  3. Paige Roehlk

    I think that is so cool that you are a interior designer….. i think it is also really really cool that you actually get a kit…. i wish my school did that hahah…. but then again you will probaly need a lot of things so this

  4. Paige Roehlk

    can u show sum of your designs if you have any?


    do you have to know how to draw really good to be an interior designer?

  6. fashionwithpassion

    can you please do a video telling us how school’s been going and stuff? that’d mean a lot!

  7. Angela Jiang

    I was gonna go into interior design but the thing is I feel like its a bit hard, considering I dont have much art skills…..

  8. Grace Dunn

    I want to be an interior designer too!

  9. Moelove91

    i have my assoc. in interior design!!!!

  10. Sabu Mafu

    u look really pretty with your hair like that

  11. AlyssaShotgun

    Could you pleeease do a house tour?!

  12. Joyce Truong

    You should get Prismas only if you’re really dedicated to art or whatever.. Cause it’s really expensive..

  13. BookNerd8D

    The expense for my kit/supplies is crazy big! 1,638 bucks! O my jeezums, I’m going to go broke!

  14. Snowii Nguyen

    since uve used prismacolor do u recomend them cuz i wanna get some

  15. Meagan Shawn

    Ahhh you’re so sweet. I used to want to do interior design for a long time but then I decided that I wanted to do graphic design instead, lol.

  16. XoMeganMarie

    I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer since i was little and i really want to go to OCAD university 🙂

  17. 1oceansea

    What color is ur hair?

  18. Brianna Granger

    I wanna be an interior designer it my dream

  19. Theodora Tan

    What colour is your hair? It’s gorgeous 🙂

  20. sarahmydarling

    what university do you go to?

  21. Cristina Alvarado

    i am taking interior design next year and seeing the kit got me SOOOO EXCITTTEEEDDDDD

    have a fun year!

  22. crazygirlychic97

    are your hands small or are the things just really big

  23. aiza4life19

    what exact shade of brown is your hair on this video? its exactly the one i want and it looks verry pretty:D
    i know your busy with school and stuff but can you please reply to me?

  24. RawrFoolz

    I just want to thank you for inspiring me to become an interior designer :)

  25. chuwiwoo

    you should download this app called caffine for the macbook all you do is just click it and it keeps your macbook screen from going black (sleeping)

  26. gnwcbsv

    can we send our bedroom pics/ measurements for you guys to design it? If so, i’m definitely submitting thwm right away!

  27. Dalmation6343

    This is REALLY helpful thanks

  28. Build.com

    No, sorry.

  29. Build.com

    No problem! Thank you for watching.

  30. Build.com

    You’re welcome! Hope it helps.

  31. Elaine Siongco

    Thanks for the worksheet

  32. Gerardo Mora

    Thank you for the Design Worksheet got it :). Very useful ^^.

  33. GLFH

    Erin, is Vivian Thompson of Washington DC your grandmother? Karen, your Mom?

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